Tasty Hariyali Chicken Tikka Recipes

Here, I present steps to make Hariyali chicken tikka with pictorial and tips. The Indian Hariyali chicken can be made on standard dish, on fire cook holder, in oven or over flame broil pit. This is a direct Indian equation that requires incredibly essential fixings.This delectable chicken started in Northern India, in the region of Punjab. Around there cilantro and mint based green chutney (plunging sauce) is especially outstanding. This chicken is extended interpretation of green chutney. The word haryali really mean greenery credited to green shade of this chicken. Since chicken is called murgh in Urdu and Hindi , Hariyali chicken and Hariyali murgh is something fundamentally the same as.



Haryali chicken is on a very basic level chicken marinated in cilantro and mint paste. You can change this marinated chicken into a Hariyali chicken curry or Hariyali chicken tikka, hariyali paneer tikka, haryali murgh biryani or anything practically identical.

A tikka is commonly a downsized fire seared boneless meat or paneer (Indian curds).


The tikka variation of Haryali chicken is fantastic as starter or a protein side with biryani or some other Indian curry.You can serve Haryali chicken tikka with a dive like mayo garlic sauce or smooth garlic yogurt sauce. In case you serve haryali chicken tikka as a principal course pair it with garlic naan, paratha or chapati and kachumber plate of blended greens close by garlic yogurt plunge (lahsooni raita).



Most perfect way to deal with make tikka is by fire searing it on barbecue pit and serving it fresh and hot.Ingest your wooden sticks water outstandingly if you plan to fire cook on barbecue pit as drenched sticks don’t blast into flares.

In case incase, you can’t grill it outside. You can cook tikka sticks on a cast iron fire sear dish until scorched on sides. In reality, even an ordinary fry compartment works outstandingly therefore. In the wake of cooking, we can smoke our tikka with hot charcoal for same grilled tikka aroma and flavors. Smoking is optional.In case you don’t have vitality for skewering, you can fundamentally cook your boneless tikka on a holder over high warmth until water dries and tikka are to some degree seared all things considered.

In case you wish to warm haryali chicken tikka, just spread marinated chicken on getting ready dish, and cook for 15-20 minutes in a preheated stove at 350 F until water runs clear. Flip the plate following 10 minutes for warming.Dry cooking cumin is basic. You essentially need to put cumin in a compartment on medium warmth and blend until cumin is fragrant. Cumin is cooked and you can use this seared cumin rather normal cumin in each and every Indian dish. Additionally, you’ll be stun this little development can have a tremendous impact in taste.



View components for hariyali chicken tikka.

Move all components of hariyali chicken paste to a blender. In like manner incorporate oil. Use as pitiful water to blend as could be normal considering the present situation, preferably just 2 tablespoon.

Wash and pat dry chicken chest. Cut it into shapes. Add the green paste to the chicken and apply all over throughly. (TIP:If you have scarcely any tablespoons of extra green paste left, you can mix it in with mayonnaise or yogurt or sharp cream to make your hariyali plunge.)

Marinate for in any occasion 30 minutes on counter or in a perfect world 4 – 12 hours in cooler for best results. (Tip: Simultaneously, retain your wooden sticks water phenomenally if you plan to fire sear on flame broil pit. Drenched sticks don’t blast into blazes.

After marination string the chicken into wooden sticks.

f you wish to smoke tikka then warmth a touch of charcoal at this stage. (It takes sooner or later to turn overly hot.)

Move adheres to a fire sear dish and cook on high warmth for 8-10 minutes. Brush little oil on the chicken on the different sides.

Cook for around 4-5 minutes on each side until splendid or seared. Serve speedily or keep on smoking.

(In the occasion that cooking on barbecue pit, keep wooden sticks on the barbecue fire sear.)

To smoke, keep haryali tikka in a pot, keep a piece foil between chicken. Detect the very hot charcoal carefully on foil. Shower scarcely any drops of oil and immediately spread the spread. (Top should be tight and smoke shouldn’t escape. You can in like manner put a staggering thing on the spread.) Smoke for 4-5 minutes at any rate. You can store hot tikka in a hot pot or foil until served.


oden Skewers


2 chicken chest – ,cut in to shapes (500 grams)

Green paste for marination

1 cup cilantro leaves – ,estimatedly stuffed

½ cup mint leaves – ,around stuffed

2-5 minimal green chillies – or 1½ tablespoon green bean stew stick ,adjust warmth to taste

4-5 cloves garlic – or ½ tablespoon garlic stick

1 inch ginger – or ½ tablespoon ginger paste

1 teaspoon dry cooked cumin seed*

¾ teaspoon all flavor powder

2 tablespoon lemon juice

1 teaspoon salt – or to taste

2 tablespoon cream – ,or yogurt for low fat

2 tablespoon oil – ,more to brush while cooking.

Little water – for smashing



Wash and pat dry chicken, put in a protected spot.

Squash regardless of fixings from chicken in the blender with as small water as could be permitted.

Apply green marinade over the chicken and let it lay on kitchen counter for at any rate 20 minutes (or preferably for 4-12 hours in cooler.)

String the marinated chicken in wooden sticks. (optional)

To cook on holder

Warmth a touch of charcoal until very hot.( If smoking)

Cook on high warmth for 8-10 minutes on a fire sear skillet and turn the chicken after 4 minutes. Haryali chicken is readied when you see consumed lines on the chicken.

Smoke chicken by setting hot sticks in a pot. Recognize a the red charcoal over a foil in the pot. Sprinkle barely any drops of oil on hot charcoal and immediately spread the pot. Let chicken rest for 4-5 minutes by then present with any garlic plunge.


To warm in stove

Preheat grill at 350 F. Spot chicken on the getting ready plate and warmth for 15-20 minutes until water runs clear. Flip the chicken most of the way for cooking. You may smoke the chicken in the wake of warming.

To fire sear over flame broil pit

(Guarantee your wooden sticks are assimilated water for 4-6 hours, wooden sticks don’t blast into blazes.)

Spot chicken stick on barbecue fire sear and cook for around 8 minutes until broiled by then serve immediately.


For dry cooking cumin essentially heat cumin in a compartment on medium warmth and blend until cumin is fragrant. Move cumin to a plate and utilize fluctuating.

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