Salted Caramel Brownies Recipe


These salted caramel brownies are my new superstar brownies that are remarkable for potluck and game night. I can’t endorse these brownie more! They taste bewildering, I mean out of the world and finally fudgy, absolutely thick, rich and wanton with rich cocoa taste.

I have referenced commonly about different version of brownies, l make on Instagram. I didn’t know which one to share first so I surveyed on Instagram and most of you ruled for salted caramel brownies, so here’s the long due post. You can tail me on Instagram here.



For the most part, people utilize privately procured caramels (caramel toffee) for salted caramel brownies. In any case, I suspected to make it absolutely without any planning.

Directly off the bat, in light of the fact that salted caramel is so normal to make and you can without a lot of a stretch make it when brownies are cooling on the wire rack.The component for salted caramel sauce are so basic and successfully available.

Besides, what is progressively huge is the taste. The hand made caramel sauce isn’t too much sweet. Completely balanced sweetness and delectable.



To achieve this additional thick surface, I’m excluding warming pop.I lessened an egg which gives more cake like surface and lifts the brownie.By then, I included dull hued sugar which is progressively clammy and has increasingly indulgent taste appeared differently in relation to white sugar.

For progressively lavish taste, I replaced some flour white cocoa powder and extended fat in the equation. With the objective that is the thing that you get.

Another change is using to some degree significant dish for extra thick brownie so you can tunnel that soggy surface when you take a snack.Use the right size of dish! I used 9×9 square dish. You can supersede it by 8 x 10 square shape dish. Fill the plate under 1 inch down so you don’t have amazingly high brownie.

Don’t over mix any fixings, this can make an exorbitant measure of air in the hitter and lift the brownie.Leaving an extra edges of warming paper on the sides energizes you pull out brownie from the plate with no issue.

In any case I wish to alert you from over planning. Set an alarm for 25 minutes this is critical in light of the fact that this alert can give you best result every single time. So make that an affinity.Remember for clammy brownies, we need under arranged brownie. That is the brownie is set in Center yet not dry. Since the brownie will continue cooking in hot dish we need under warmth brownie.

To check doness of your brownie: Insert a toothpick straightforwardly in the point of convergence of cake. In case you see liquid on the stick. Cook for an extra 5 minutes. If it shows thick pieces. Your brownie are amazingly warmed. In case toothpick comes clean. Your brownie are over arranged. Another tip is center will be set from top anyway to some degree jiggly.



The most huge indication is that all fixings are assessed and kept with you before you begin.Than mollify sugar on high warmth yet decrease heat when it is totally melted. By then let the sugar turn light darker and incorporate margarine. Do whatever it takes not to let sugar turn dull darker or over cook or let it smoke. Since your sauce will turn brutal in taste and will give you expended taste.

Use salted spread and moreover incorporate extra salt for salted taste.


Dull hued Sugar: You can switch darker sugar with white sugar with little exchange off in taste. So you use 2 cup wire sugar as opposed to dim hued.

Conflicting chocolate: I used dull chocolate compound for these brownie and it taste bewildering. Endeavor to use incredible quality chocolate for best taste. I used unsalted margarine anyway you can use salted spread also. Skirt the extra salt in the brownie hitter.



You can store these brownie room temperature for 2 days. Or of course keep it in cooler for 5-7 days.

You can moreover freeze these brownies. Defrost them absolutely and heat delicately in microwave before serving. In case freezing, most perfect way is freeze brownie without caramel sauce. Store caramel sauce in cooler. It’ll be helpful for up to 20 days. Pour warm caramel sauce on warm brownies and serve.

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9 x 9 inch warming plate or 8 x 10 inch getting ready plate.


For brownies

2/3 cup (4 ounce) self-repudiating chocolate – (100 grams)

¾ cup unsalted margarine – (170 grams)

1 cup powdered sugar – (138 grams)

1 cup darker sugar, inaccurately stuffed – (200 grams )

3 egg

¾ cup cocoa powder – (70 gram)

1 cup flour – (114 grams)

For Salted Caramel sauce

¾ cup granulated sugar

4 tablespoon salted margarine – (60 grams)

6 tablespoon cream

1/2 teaspoon salt or less



For Brownie

Preheat oven at 350 F and line a 9 x 9 inch or 8 x 10 inch warming plate with planning paper.

In a significant base skillet on low warmth, break down spread and chocolate.

Race in dull hued sugar and white sugar.

Move the mix to a mixing bowl. Incorporate eggs, salt. Whisk carefully until united.

Channel flour and cocoa powder in the bowl and breaker with help of a spatula. The mix will thick now.

Move the brownie hitter to the warming plate.

Plan for 25-30 minutes until center is just set. Test by embeddings a toothpick following 25 minutes. In case you see liquid player on it. Cook for an extra 5 minutes. If you see goey deteriorates on toothpick. Rapidly remove the brownie from oven and let it cool.

For caramel sauce

In a mind-boggling bottomed skillet break down sugar on high warmth until condensed.

Abatement warmth and keep mixing until concealing changes to light dull shaded.

Rapidly incorporate spread. B careful as this can cause splutters.

Keep stirring.As soon as the margarine is completely broken up incorporate cream and salt.

State of mind executioner warmth and keep blending until the sauce stops sputtering.

To gather:

Spread warm sauce on the brownie in the plate.

Let the caramel sauce set on the brownie.

By then, oust brownie from plate and cut into 2 x 2 inch squares.

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