than buying such a critical number of individual flavors to make it.In any case, tikka masala season mix recipe is here too on my blog, in case you starting at now have Indian flavors in your wash room or you don’t have the foggiest thought where to buy tikka masala get-up-and-go mix. I propose making a gigantic bunch and taking care of it refrigerator and you would you have the option to use it for up to a year. This flavor blend goes very well with various Indian dishes like fire cooked tikka, Tandoori tikka, flame broil rice, and so forth. So it’s productive and worth making it.



I’ve guaranteed that carbs are kept to least. Along these lines, whether or not you’ve eaten up more carbs in the day, you can at present value this dish.


I’m so satisfied with myself since I’ve prescribed around the completion of post that how you can add veggies to this dish and change it into tikka masala wraps. So I outfit an all out dinner with fibers and you don’t have make Keto rice or roti.


Exceptional ON KETO DIET

I most definitely, made this recipe for myself when I was on Keto diet and I loved it. Why? Resulting to having such a great deal of cheddar, margarine and cream, everything feels tasteless and baffling. In any case, this tikka masala has and rich kick of flavors which makes life middle of the road. Believe it or not, satisfactory.

I added cream cheddar to my lettuce wrap and it tasted splendid. Can’t recommend this dish enough phenomenally if you love tikka season.



Authentic tikka masala calls for 1 cup yogurt, 1 cup tomato sauce or purée, 1 immense onion. I have cut every single one of those fixings to keep this recipe low carb. Genuinely! The taste is undermined anyway you would incline toward not to reject to yourself from ketosis and I irrefutably would favor not to be that liable gathering.

I’ve also referenced carb incorporate with fixings in equation card as dictated by low carb chairman application.

My most conspicuous Keto tip

Make greater bunches of sustenance and freeze and extra. They’re so advantageous on keto diet.

Here’s my other Keto plans you may like



1 pound (450 grams ) boneless and skinless chicken thigh, – cut in ¾ squares (you can use chicken chest also anyway thigh has logically fat)

2 tablespoon Chicken Tikka Masala *

2 tablespoon yogurt – (1g carb)

½ tablespoon garlic – minced or stick (1g carb)

1 tablespoon ginger minced or paste – (1g carb)

1½ tablespoon tomato stick – (3g carb)

2 tablespoon spread

⅓ cup overpowering cream – (2g carb)

1 tablespoon dried fenugreek leaves – (optional)

2-3 tablespoon cilantro leaves



Keep a touch of charcoal to warm in open fire from stove, so charcoal is too hot when we complete the way toward marinating chicken. (This smoking development is optional.)

Marinate Chicken

Take chicken, tikka masala, tomato stick, ginger, garlic and yogurt in a huge bowl, mix well.

Smoke Chicken

Keep a touch of foil on the chicken and detect a strongly hot coal over it. Shower two or three drops of oil over the chicken and spread it immovably with a staggering top. Guarantee the smoke doesn’t escape from the bowl. Leave the chicken verified for 20 minutes at any rate.

Cook Chicken

Directly, heat margarine in a dish and incorporate marinated chicken, cream and ¼ cup water. Spread the pot and cook on medium warmth for 15 minutes.

Right when chicken is cooked, incorporate fenugreek leaves and stew for few seconds until a little layer oil rises over curry.

Stew the chicken until needed consistency is come to. Upgrade with cilantro and present with keto rice or naan.



Serving proposition:

Serve this tikka masala in lettuce wrap with skillet singe zucchini, and cream cheddar.

*You can substitute zucchini with bottle gourd.

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