Homemade Ginger Chicken Recipe

Chicken ginger is a regular Indian Curry, that is staple in various Indian home exceptionally in the northern India. This chicken is a veritable delight if you love ginger. The vivacious strong sort of ginger overpowers each other pizzazz in this curry. In addition, why I love it? It is too easy to even think about making. My hubby is a significant of ginger tea, ginger lemonade or in fact ginger anything.



Chicken ginger is name given to any chicken that has overpowering ginger taste. There are boundless variations of chicken ginger curry. The most notable onces are the one with coconut milk, the Chinese, the Vietnamese, the Thai and the Punjabi one, that I’m sharing here.


The northern India, where this curry is amazingly outstanding has a territory of Punjab so this curry is as often as possible called Punjabi Murgh Adraki. Murgh infers chicken and adarak infers ginger in Hindi.

Did you understand this chicken is moreover incredibly famous in Pakistan which shares some bit of Punjab on the their side of edge. Similarly as other essential dishes between two countries this curry is taken pleasure in on the different sides of periphery.

I think about bistro style ginger chicken structure that I acknowledged in neighborhood bistros of Punjab. I’m posting the recipe of same. Their sauce is thickened; mine is pitiful. Clearly, you can dry the excess water by cooking fairly longer to make dry adjustment of chicken ginger.



As the name means, the chicken has strong sort of ginger which basically bolster the kind of curry comprehension to next level. You can add less or progressively ginger to taste.

This curry tastes vivacious, solidly sweet-smelling, and has adequately lively flavor. You can similarly make it in handi, by then it’ll be called ginger chicken handi. I recommeed a wok for making this curry, which is my favored cooking vessel since it allows an enormous space for consuming. (In a tiny bit at a time, I’ve used fry scan for gold clear and drawing in shots.)

The route toward consuming sustenance on high warmth is a South Asian strategy and is called ‘bhunna’ in which you cook something on high warmth with consistent blending until you see oil obviously detaching on sides of skillet. In addition, this is so basic to make an Indian curry flavorful and finger licking incredible.


This is incredibly clear and east curry. I used boneless chicken to make it, anyway chicken with bone-in can in like manner be used. In reality, I recommend you chicken with bone considering the way that it tastes altogether better with juices from bones.

There are two critical steps to be when making this Indian chicken ginger curry.

Guarantee your onion are fragile before you keep on including flavors.

Additionally, your tomato water has dried and you see some oil on sides of compartment before you incorporate chicken.


Mix chicken 3D squares, ginger paste, Kashmiri bean stew powder and salt in bowl. Marinate for 15 minutes. We are using Kashmiri bean stew powder for rich red concealing. You can substitute with paprika and modify red stew powder in the recipe to taste. (Kashmiri bean stew are red bean stew that are bearably hot and have rich red concealing. Check progressively here.)

I’ve used cooked and grounded cumin and coriander in this recipe. I understand no one has the chance to do it each time for each recipe. Along these lines, fundamentally take 2 tablespoon cumin and 2 tablespoon coriander in a compartment and dinner on medium warmth until fragrant. Enable it to cool and thereafter pound it finely. Store in a fixed shut compartment. This powder tastes extraordinary in all curries, chutneys and visits. I ensure, it’ll be completely gone through in barely any days. Cooking and building up these flavors improves the flavor which infers such a great deal of taste support.

Following 15 minutes of marination, fry chicken in 2 tablespoon of oil for 5 minutes on high warmth until it changes its concealing and water dries.

Move chicken to a bowl and wipe the dish with tissue and use a comparable skillet to cook sauce—one less pot to wash.

Next, add ¼ cup oil to a comparable holder and fry onions for 15 minutes until fragile. If your onions are sensitive, you’ll have smoother sauce as fragile onions will undoubtedly separate in sauce. I know ¼ cup is a ton of oil anyway you need that to endeavor onions suitably. You can by and large oust extra oil with the help of a spoon.

Other than incorporate 1 tablespoon water if fundamental when fricasseeing onions, this water empowers you to cook onions for longer range without turning splendid. We need fragile clear onions that are not splendid.

View the flavors: Green bean stew stick, cooked and grounded cumin and coriander powder, turmeric, red stew, dim pepper and salt.

Right when onions are incredibly fragile yet not splendid, add all flavors to the wok. Fry for 1 extra minutes and let the flavors release upgrades in the oil.

Directly incorporate tomato puree. (To make tomato puree from fresh tomato, essentially blend 3 tomatoes in a compartment blender with as pitiful water as could be normal in light of the current situation.) Mix well and cook for 7 minutes on high to medium warmth. First the tomato water will dry then you will see a layer of oil detaching on sides of wok. (Bhunofy)

Incorporate the cooked chicken, mix well.


Mix in yogurt too.

Let curry stew on low warmth until needed consistency is come to.

Hurl a spot margarine on top and let it break down. Make an effort not to blend.

Cutting with ginger that is cut in julienne and present with hot naan and onion serving of blended greens.


For chicken

1 pound boneless chicken – ,cut in little 3D squares (450 grams)

2 tablespoon ginger paste

1 teaspoon Kashmiri stew powder – ,for concealing

6 tablespoon oil – ,isolated

For Ginger Curry

1 onion – ,gently cut


1 tablespoon green stew stick

½ tablespoon cooked and grounded cumin

½ tablespoon cooked and grounded coriander

½ teaspoon turmeric powder

½ teaspoon red stew powder

½ teaspoon dim pepper powder

Salt – to taste


3 tomatoes – ,rough puree

¾ cup yogurt – ,whipped (or less according to needed sauce)

1 tablespoon spread


1 inch ginger – cut in julienne, less or more

Hacked fresh coriander – to adorn

1 lemon wedge



For Chicken

Mix chicken 3D squares, ginger, Kashmiri stew powder and salt in a bowl, marinate for 15 minutes.

In a wok, fry chicken in 2 tablespoon oil for 5 minutes on high warmth, oust from dish and put in a protected spot.

For Ginger Curry

In same dish or wok, take another 4 tablespoon oil and fry onion cuts on medium warmth for 7-10 minutes until extraordinarily fragile anyway not darker.

By and by, remember all flavors for the curry and fry for 2 minutes.

Pour tomato puree and cook for 5-7 minutes on high warmth until tomato water dries and oil separate on the sides of wok.

By and by mix in cooked chicken and yogurt and stew for 5-10 minutes on low warmth until you see a slight layer of oil over sauce. By then remember spread for the last.

Adornment with ginger, lemon wedges and fresh coriander.


– You can in like manner incorporate ½ teaspoon ginger powder in curry if you like outstandingly strong ginger flavor.

– Add just ¼ cup yogurt and devour extra water in last development for dry ginger chicken. — Please look at the tip above to discover about cooked cumin and coriander. You can use un-cooked cumin and coriander yet stewed taste better.

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