Uniquely crafted Almond margarine is just a couple of almonds rough or cooked (your choice) squashed with broad constancy till it is runny. Finally, some upgrading with nectar and salt. Your hand crafted almond margarine is readied. Unimaginable as youngsters strong goody.



By and by, this locally built almond spread is addictive to such a degree, that you and your family may end up eating essentially beyond what you might do. So here are barely any bit of leeway, clearly we have to eat with some restriction.Almonds are high wellspring of proteins and helps tissue recuperation and fix.

Astoundingly invaluable for contenders and game darlings as it steadily releases essentialness during practices and planning.The exceptional fat profile of almond helps reducing dreadful cholesterol and there by prevent improvement of cardiovascular disease.Standard usage improves insulin affectability emphatically. So it’s a yes for pre-diabetics also.

Almond propelled eating routine in like manner helps weight decrease and weight the officials.Furthermore, they are ample in Vitamin E (antagonistic to oxidant), strong flavonoids, magnesium and potassium.One point to consider is dthat they are affluent in oxalates too and high oxalates can cause various diseases. So people with kidney and nerve bladder issue should advise their essential consideration doctor before making it a bit of their standard eating schedule.


Directly off the bat, it is obvious unrefined almonds are better and doused are the best. Concerning almond margarine, you need to pound till almonds are exorbitantly warmed (steam rises when you open your blenders top.) and releases oil. So unrefined or seared doesn’t have any kind of effect much as they cook in blender also.



Pre-warming almonds will quicken the strategy.

You can spread it on hotcakes, crepe, toast, paratha or natural items.

You use it in making plunges and sauces.

Or then again in soups and servings of blended greens.


Regardless of the way that, this beating method requires an incredible arrangement resistance yet the way in which it deserts powder to stick is intriguing. Likewise, the smell of cooked almond is attracting.

I stewed my almond first .You can use rough almonds too.

The almond beating will encounter four stages:

Powder orchestrate



2 cup almonds – unrefined or cooked

1½ tablespoon nectar

Salt to taste


You may cook almond in preheated stove at 300-350 F for 8-12 minute.(without devouring ) Or you can skirt this movement if making rough almond margarine.

Pulverize almonds in the blender on medium till it changes into powder.

Scrap and continue pounding till clumpy. (2-5 minutes depending on your blender speed)

Scrap from time to time and continue beating till it is somewhat runny. (5-10 min)



Strage tips

Store locally built nut margarines in clean holder with solidly tied down top as prologue to oxygen can make it spoiled. Alway use clean spoon for serving.

Keep all nut spreads in cooler, and they are valuable for over a month. In case you like sensitive spread, you can store on edge too for more than seven days. In case you have to store for additional, you can keep in cooler upto 3 months.

You can even make a colossal bunch and store in cooler. Essentially take out a little part and store in discrete compartment in cooler.

In case oil disconnects give your spread a whisk.

Discard almond margarine if solid part liquify or smell or taste gets harsh.

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