Gokul Pithe Recipe

Sea shore front cooking of India worships the coconut. Be it Goan or Malwani, Karnatak, Tamilian or from Kerala, the kind of coconut rules. Consider a rich fish curry and have a go at making it destroying the coconut! It will make resemble a fake. Effectively named as the ‘plant of life,’ each and every bit of the coconut plant is important in any case.



Are the standard bengali desserts for the Poush Sankranti. It is a custom and a family party to make pithes on this good occasion. Just past the sankranti, Andarmahal decided to share a heavenly thing from the huge extent of our sweet “Pithes and Pulis”. It is “GOKUL PITHE”, truly outstanding and by and large wonderful of all



  • Take a skillet heat it and subsequently add jaggery to it let it mellow. At the point when jaggery breaks down incorporate the coconut and cook it for 3-4min.then add mawa to it and cook it till it will get together in a thick consistency.
  • At that point set up a mix by including rice flour, generally helpful flour, getting ready pop and water. It should not be so feeble or not too thick consistency.
  • Plan little balls from the prepared coconut stuffing and fix them little using ur palm. Meanwhile heat oil for significant searing. In an other skillet incorporate milk, bayleaf, cardamom powder and warmth it.
  • Significant ur coconut ball in to the prepared hitter and significant fry them from both side.
  • Exactly when milk thicken to 3/4 incorporate the prepared fitters into the milk and cook it for 2min in low fire. By then serve it cool.



  1. In a dish, incorporate sugar and water and let it bubble till you make one string consistency.
  2. Warmth 1 tbsp ghee in a dish over medium fire. Incorporate coconut, khoya, and 2 tbsp sugar in it and saute for a few minutes.
  3. At the point when done, oust the compartment from warm and license it to cool.



  • Flour- 2.5 cup
  • Milk-2cup
  • Sugar-100g
  • Oil-100ml
  • Planning powder-a press
  • Pera delivered utilizing Kheer

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