Cream of Spinach soup Recipe

I’m exceptionally anxious to share this spinach soup recipe. I got this equation from a dear partner. Likewise, my family is almost enchanted with it, even my 9 years old requesting eater reveres it. My hubby thinks of it as a perfect soup taste.



What else? The spinach and cream gives this soup typical thickness so you don’t have to add potato or flours to make it thick. The outside of this soup is of melted spread that is thin yet not watery. Something that you can have in a cup while seeing your favored show. In case you need thick soup, by then you’ll have to make béchamel or white sauce base and mix soup in it. In any case, I don’t propose that since this soup taste unfathomable for what it’s worth.I kept the cream fairly as possible in recipe and subbed most by far of it with milk for low-calorie, strong and smooth spinach soup.

What makes this best cream of spinach soup is corn and chicken stock. I used specially crafted chicken soup that I made with 1 whole chicken bones, 1 onion and 1 whole corn with cobs (cut in 1 inch plate), salt and very few pepper corns. In any case, you may use basically store chicken soup or chicken stock made with chicken stock strong shapes mixed in water.



Spinach is a low-calories and high enhancement green. As spinach is possibly disagreeable and has strong taste. Rough spinach doesn’t taste commensurate to cooked spinach so you can’t consume a lot of it. Like, you can without a doubt eat 100 grams (that makes ½ cup ) of cooked spinach in one sitting took a gander at rough spinach (that makes 3½ cups).

One explicit clarification spinach is better in soup is where you cook unrefined spinach in soup all enhancements stay in the soup. While other major course designs calls for discarding cooked spinach water which is done abuse of enhancements. (You can find more information about spinach.



New spinach: If using fresh spinach for soup, guarantee you wash it in a tremendous pot and let the buildup particles settle in base of the pot. Leave spinach soaked for a minute. By then pick spinach leaves from the top. Repeat the system again if vital. By then remove thick begin from the leaves.

By then put spinach leaves close by water or chicken stock in a pot and spread with top. Cook spinach until it gets sensitive and shriveled. (around 7-10 minutes) Now, you can use this spinach in any soup shifting.

Would I have the option to USE FROZEN SPINACH IN SOUP?

In the occasion that using cemented spinach defrost it, so you can without quite a bit of a stretch blend it in with chicken soup. You can similarly warm set spinach with chicken stock or water (as equation calls) in a pot to defrost it.



This soup is too easy to even consider making! Look at the fixings.Chicken stock: You can use specially designed or store brought chicken soup/stock. I used hand made chicken stock in which I included one whole chicken bones, 1 onion, 1 good old corn ( cut ), salt and barely any pepper corns. Here’s my chicken stock equation.

Spinach. Use 1 cup cemented spinach or 200 grams fresh spinach. Defrost spinach before blending. You can in like manner warm spinach and chicken


Stage 1

Blend set spinach with chicken stock or chicken soup for 1 minute until smooth. You can in like manner use an immersion blender. By then move the spinach puree to a pot and air pocket it for 5 minutes.

Stage 2

:Now, incorporate milk, cream, sugar and sweet corns.

Stage 3

:Mix well and stew soup for another 5-10 minutes on low warmth until you see some oil on top layer.

Stage 4

Adding chicken 3D shape or chicken powder is optional. Do a preliminary and incorporate salt and pepper fluctuating. You can alter consistency of soup by remembering water for the remote possibility that you like thiner soup. (1 included one some water.)


4 cups chicken juices – I used locally developed

1 cup set spinach – or 200 gm fresh spinach (see notes)

1 cup milk

½ cup sweet corn – canned or set

½ cup cream

½ tablespoon sugar

1 tablespoon chicken powder or 1 chicken strong shape – optional

Salt – to taste just if essential as chicken soup and chicken 3D shape has included salt

Pepper – to taste


Blend cemented spinach in with 2 cups of chicken stock in a sustenance processor until really smooth.

Incorporate this purée and remaining chicken stock to a pot and convey it to bubble. Air pocket for 5 minutes.

By and by diminish warmth and incorporate the remainder of the fixings. Mix well and continue stewing soup on low warmth for 10 minutes.

Do a preliminary and change salt and pepper if vital. You can in like manner change consistency of soup by including 1 cup water.

Soup is set up to serve. Present with extra cream and bread trims.



You can warm hardened spinach with chicken stock to defrost it. By then blend in with immersion blender and proceed with rest of equation.

On account of using fresh spinach, first air pocket spinach with chicken stock for 5-7 minutes until sensitive and withered. By then blend it into a puree. Additionally, follow the rest of the equation.

I used locally built chicken stock in which I included one whole chicken bones (stays), 1 onion, 1 sweet good old corn ( cut ), salt and barely any pepper corns. I cooked it for an hour. Discard the solids and used the liquid in the equation.

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