This is one of the most magnificent and straightforward unsavory melon equation Indian style, you’ll find on web. Serious melon or terrible gourd is a scandalous vegetable in maxims and sayings for its brutal flavor like ‘karwa karela’, ‘karela si batein’ yet the sharpness effectsly influences prosperity. Kerela/disagreeable melon are a lot of equivalent to various vegetables, attempt to cut its sharpness to a pleasing level. Like it will regardless be possibly disagreeable anyway the unforgiving sharp taste is the delicacy of this vegetable.



To the exclusion of everything else an affirmation, I love Bitter melon. Subsequently I’ve developed a recipe that taste totally scrumptious. This is actually an essential recipe that is staple in our home and my relative equation. The onion tomato masala close by lemon/tamarind and sugar undermines the brutal taste of karela. Moreover, it tastes splendidly yummy with establishment sharpness.



These are general tips for any cruel melon recipes.You need to slash down the cruelty of serious melon by some methodology.

Most notable is fricasseeing cut brutal melon. I without a doubt couldn’t care less for this methodology as it disasters a lot of supplement by fricasseeing the vegetable while adding extra calories to the supper.

Second one is applying negligible salt and lemon on the horrendous melon and leaving it for at any rate 30 minutes. You can in like manner apple the salt-lemon rub up to 12 hours ahead, which make the whole methodology amazingly basic.

Endeavor to get normal serious melon for best taste.


Focal points OF BITTER MELON

I’m moreover including several favorable circumstances of karela that may help moving you and others in the family to eat Kerala/upsetting gourd even more much of the time

ample in dietary fiber, minerals (folates), supplements C and foes of oxidants.

It contain plant insulin (polypeptide-P) and hypoglycemic administrator (charantin). Both are valuable in treatment of type 2 diabetes.

You can find more preferences here at Healthline.



Stage 1:

Most Indians would strip unforgiving melon before cutting and that is my primary concern. First wash the brutal gourd and strip it delicately, essentially empty edges to have smooth skin. You can use a peeler which really surge the technique.

By then you cut brutal melon longwise and empty seed. In case the seeds are red it just shows it is fairly over developed. In case tissue is strong and fresh it is as yet adequate and consumable. If the tissue is ruining, by then hack off the ruined parts and use the extraordinary ones.

By then cut these into semi circles.

Stage 2-3:

Apply lemon and salt to the cuts and mix well. By then let it rest for 30 minutes in any occasion in a perfect world 2 hours. (The more broadened the less terrible. You can moreover do this day by day ahead, and store in cooler.)

Stage 4:

Now, wash the cut serious melon and pulverize it with between two palms. I pound delicately as a lot of points of interest are in its juice. (The more you press crush the less terrible it is.) Discard the juice. This will cut some brutality of the vegetable. (You can drink this juice truly if you dare, it’s nutritious.)

Yippee! The Prep are done and we can keep on saucing. The sauce require some cooking time so you can moreover do washing step while onion tomato sauce stews on low warmth.



 1. In a vessel take oil and saute garlic till light splendid, keep the fire low.

In the first place, incorporate dry flavors, like mustard seeds, cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds in oil, next incorporate powdered flavors, the turmeric and coriander.

 2: Add onions, mix well and saute till onion for 3-4 minutes on medium fire or till they turn fragile.
 3: Next incorporate hacked tomatoes, green chillies and ginger and blend well and spread. Cook for 5 minutes on medium warmth till tomatoes are sensitive.
4: Add slice horrendous melon to the onion and tomato sauce. Season with salt, sugar and tamarind squash. ( If you don’t have tamarind squash, you can use tamarind chutney or sauce too. By then DO exclude sugar. I’ve tried including flame broil sauce and it tastes yummy, I recommend it just if you like some mix in your sustenance.)
 5: Cover and cook for 10-15 minutes until extreme melons are fragile. You may need to blend at breaks and adjust heat.
 6: Now, incorporate 2 tablespoons of oil and blend vegetable on high warmth for 60-90 seconds. This little singing (bhunnofying) will devour any plenitude water and improve taste.


500 gram Bitter melon – (karela)

4 tablespoon oil – or more


½ tablespoon minced garlic

½ teaspoon cumin seeds – (sabut zeera)

½ teaspoon mustard seed – (kali rai)

½ teaspoon fenugreek seeds – (methi dana)

½ tablespoon coriander powder – (dhanya powder)

½ teaspoon turmeric powder – (haldi powder)


2 medium onion, cut – (piyaz)

2 medium tomatoes – , cut

1 tablespoon green bean stew stick – (choti hari mirch)

1 teaspoon ginger paste – (adrak)


salt – to taste

1-2 tablespoon tamarind pound (or 3 tablespoon lemon juice)

1 teaspoon darker sugar – or sugar

fresh coriander – for beautify


Wash and strip extreme melon, chop down the center, oust delicate living animal and seeds. Cut into thick cuts.

In a bowl take cut extreme melon and incorporate 1 teaspoon salt and 2 tablespoon lemon juice. mix well and leave for in any occasion 30 minutes.

In a vessel take oil, heat on low fire and incorporate garlic and fry till light splendid.

Incorporate dry whole flavors (cumin, fenugreek, mustard) first, by then powder flavors (turmeric and coriander powder) Saute for 1 minute.

Incorporate hacked onion, saute till onions are translucent.

Incorporate hacked tomatoes, green bean stew and ginger spread and cook for 5 minutes on low fire or till tomato are sensitive.

While sauce cooks, wash undesirable melon cuts in water and squash them to decrease brutality.

Incorporate cut undesirable melon, tamarind and darker sugar in sauce and cook for 10 minutes until sensitive.

Incorporate 2 tablesppon oil and saute on high warmth for a minute or more. Serve hot.


Vegetable are lighter sustenance so I do exclude a huge amount of whole flavors (garam masala), just cumin,and rather I use mustard, fenugreek, kalonji to incorporate both taste and medicinal preferred position of these seeds. So they are optional fixings.

In case you press the karela scarcely they will be less serious.

Diabetics patient can drink 2 tablespoon of karela juice that we clear in squeezing.

Another techniques for removing brutality of karela is percolating them in salty water, as well as singing karela in oil.

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