Last Updated: January 18, 2020. A little bit at a time bajra roti recipe with photos. Bajra roti or pearl millet level bread is dull level bread that isn’t are participating in appearance stood out from other level breads. This level bread has regular and unprecedented taste. The nonattendance of adaptable gluten protein makes it difficult to roll nevertheless, with this fundamental a little bit at a time, you can without quite a bit of a stretch make it.


My hubby loves bajra roti. This level bread is very filling so you can’t eat up it in colossal sums like roti or chapati. Regardless, the elevating news is you can freeze the pieces. Yet, fresh tastes best.As regularly as conceivable ASKED


Bajra is a Hindi word. Bajra is generally called pearl millet in English. It is used in Sindhi, Gujarati and Rajhistani nourishment to make kebabs and level bread.



Bajra flour is made by crushing bajra grains (pearl millet). Bajra flour is in like manner called bajra atta.


Really, bajra or pearl millet is without gluten and is unprecedented option for gluten biased people. The gluten protein that is accessible in wheat and wheat subordinates is absent in bajra.

Nonappearance of gluten makes the roti less flexible appeared differently in relation to wheat flour roti relatively few people feel that its difficult to making bajra roti. So I have made pretty much nothing and thick roti which are definitely not hard to manage.



Bajra or pearl millet is high in fiber, protein, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and iron.

Bajra need greater chance to process appeared differently in relation to various grains. This makes it a tolerable option for weight decrease as is keep you full for longer term.

Bajra is valuable for diabetes in light of the fact that not at all like various grains it steadily releases glucose in blood, keeping glucose levels in control.

Bajra roti is uncommonly eaten in winters as usage of bajra is fit for keeping the body warm. As such, various experts urge to exhaust bajra with some restriction during summers as it can wreck stomach related at whatever point ate up in colossal sums reliably.

Bajra flour isn’t keto sincere since 100 grams of bajra contains 67 grams of starches. While keto diet is a low carb diet, bajra can include an extreme measure of carb to your dinner and show you out of ketosis.

A tiny bit at a time


The blend is arranged at this point it shouldn’t be hard or roti will be hard too. Additionally, sensitive staying blend will make it difficult to make roti. So adjust by including more flour or water at whatever point required. Nature of Bajra atta also is critical.


Turn 10 balls out of hitter. Shape the balls into round plate. (At this movement moreover place the tava for warming on medium high fire ).

Overlay each hover into level roti with hands using bajra flour, by no cleaning will be required. You can use moving pin too.

When tava is hot put bajra roti on it. Cook First side half done.

By and by flip and totally cook the ensuing side.

By and by flip again totally cook the chief side( that was half cooked). See the roti puffs up. In case your roti puffs up it mean you cooked it right and it will be fragile. If it doesn’t puff, no convincing motivation to worry with preparing it will start puffing.

For children and little kids, you can make a cut in roti with cutting edge. By then incorporate a dash of margarine and some sugar. The sugar and spread will break up in hot roti. By then break this roti into little bits. This is called choori. You can sustain babies with this strong sustenance.

3 cup pearl millet flour – (or bajra flour)

1 teaspoon salt – or to taste

1 tablespoon oil or margarine – more for cooking roti or spreading on the most noteworthy purpose of roti.

1 to 1 ¼ cup high temp water – changing.



Convey water to bubble.

In an enormous bowl, incorporate pearl millet flour, salt, and oil. Incorporate high temp water bit by bit and keep mixing with spoon.

In the wake of including 3/4 cup, mix flour in with hand. Incorporate more water slowly and make a sensitive blend.

Keep the tava/skillet t heat on stove.

Division player into 10 piece. Shape the parts into a plate.

With help of some flour, shape each plate into nearly nothing and round thick level bread by crushing with hands on a level surface.

Cook roti on the tava, much equivalent to roti. (Half cook the chief side and flip. Totally cook second side and flip to first and totally cook first side of roti).

Smear oil on the baja roti in the wake of ousting from tava or consequent to cooking roti you can singe the roti on tava to make it new.

Serve the roti fresh with a spot of spread.



You can store bajra roti in cooler as long as multi day. Fry on tava with little oil before serving and they taste mind blowing. Freeze following cooling the new roti.

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