Andhra Pan Fried Pomfret Recipe

Fish fry is my conclusive comfort sustenance. A direct Rasam and fish fry is the kind of sustenance that will cause you to feel great inside. These are the direct delights of customary sustenance. My kid venerates fish. So when I am cooking fish at home, I just apply to some degree less masala for his fish and we over-trouble our own with enhance. So both kid and father are happy. My loved one loves Pomfret. Its rich and melts in your mouth. Here is the way by which to do a brilliant White Pomfret Fish Fry or Vavval Meen Varuval.We will make our own fish masala for the Pomfret fish fry. Get ready in everything on the side on a plate. I like to use Byadagi Chillies as they give a splendid red concealing to the fish fry.


Andhra fish fry recipe

Andhra Fish fry recipe – Simple fish fry plans made on skillet or tawa. There are such countless ways a fish can be singed, I have shared 2 plans at this moment. The Andhra fish fry equation delivered utilizing curried fish is at the second half of this pos

Andhra fish fry equation

Andhra Fish fry equation – Simple fish fry plans made on griddle or tawa. There are such an enormous number of ways a fish can be singed, I have shared 2 plans at the present time. The Andhra fish fry recipe created utilizing curried fish is at the second half of this position.



Stage 1

Make passage focuses on both side of the pomfrets and spot on a plate. Sprinkle salt, shower 1 tablespoon lemon crush and incorporate ½ teaspoon stew powder and turmeric powder and rub well on the different sides. Put in a protected spot for 5-10 minutes.

Stage 2

Take adjusted yogurt in a bowl. Incorporate ginger-garlic stick, remaining bean stew powder, garam masala powder, stew paste, salt and remaining lemon crush and mix well. Incorporate 1 tablespoon oil and mix.

Stage 3


Incorporate the marinated pomfrets and coat well with the marinade. Set aside to marinate for 25-30 minutes.

Stage 4

Warmth some spread on a non-stick tawa. Detect the marinated pomfrets and shallow-fry, turning sides, till the fish is cooked and similarly done on the different sides.

Stage 5

Proceed onward a serving platter. Cutting with coriander leaves and serve hot with lemon cut


Clean the fish pieces and dry them out and out. Put in a sheltered spot. In a plate , take red bean stew powder, pepper powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder, corn flour, ginger garlic paste and salt. Mix it well with your hand or use a spoon. Incorporate little water if essential.


Coat the fish pieces with the mix on one side well and repeat the identical for inverse side also. Marinate the fish pieces for 30 minutes at any rate. I spared it in cooler for 2 hours

Components of Tandoori Pomfret

  • 1/4 teaspoon powdered turmeric
  • 1 teaspoon garam masala powder
  • 1/2 cup hung curd
  • 4 tablespoon mustard oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon ginger paste
  • 8 dim pomfret fish

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