12 Foods Worth Traveling Across the World Just to Eat

He that has never voyage believes that his mom is the main great cook on the planet” – Kenyan adage.

And keeping in mind that mother is the best cook, what number of moms exist in this world?

In the wake of coming back from any outing I’ll frequently reflect, peruse through my photographs, and understand that by a wide margin the most critical encounters I had all rotated around sustenance.


Also, that is nothing unexpected…

Because I’m a nourishment fixated individual, but since sustenance is a fundamental element of human life – endurance, culture, convention, way of life, celebrations, connections, solaces – nourishment has an impact in all things.

To handle this substantial rundown of 33 nourishments worth trekking the globe to chase down, I chose there was no preferred path over to ask other fly setting sustenance energetic bloggers to share their considerations.

My pick

Newly cut solid shapes of crude Yellowfin Tuna (Ahi) joined with soy sauce, sesame oil, ocean salt, stew pepper, sweet onions, and limu kelp is one of the incredible culinary manifestations of this world.

The fish (which ought to be gotten locally and never solidified) is the surface of ready papaya – so smooth and delicate I in some cases can’t help myself from biting with my lips rather than my teeth.

A chilled bit of jab joined with a corresponding measure of steamed rice in a similar chomp is a vibe that is so divine, it’s difficult to accept you’re still on earth.

2. Aguachido (Playa del Carmen, Mexico)

Ayngelina from Bacon is Magic

Playa del Carmen is known for its fish and keeping in mind that you can get extraordinary choices all over the place, every one of local people go to a café called Aguachiles.

Here you can discover aguachido: shrimp marinated in lemon juice with clamato and new vegetables. Fantastically crisp and keeping in mind that it is just a couple of dollars it rivals anything I’ve eaten at top of the line cafés.

3. Khao Soi (Thailand)

Paul from Walk Fly Pinoy

It’s delicate and yellow egg noodles washed in a thick curry soup. Not soup. Juices. It is then bested with broiled, firm egg noodles, and eaten with cured greens as an afterthought. The soup is coconut milk-based and the curry can either be cooked with chicken, pork, or hamburger. Meat is my preferred sort of Khao Soi, particularly the ones arranged by the Thai Muslim ladies in Chiang Mai’s Muslim region along Chang Klan Road.

4. Poulet Yassa/Chicken Yassa (Senegal)

Phil from Phil in the Blank and Sick on the Road

Yassa is a paradise sent marinade of lemon, onion and chile, regularly taken to the following level with a pinch of dijon mustard and some newly ground ginger. Chicken is moderate cooked in this delightful blend before it is served over rice.

“I can eat plates of it.

5. White Pizza – Old Forge Pizza (Pennsylvania, USA)


Juno from Runaway Juno and Mastertravelphoto.com (Mastering Art of the Travel Photography)

The White pizza is the one. It is anything but an ordinary pizza you know; Old Forge White Pizza is a velvety mushy and-notwithstanding endearing paradise in the mouth. The white pizza has a twofold outside layer, on the botton and the top, with cheddar filling. I don’t have a clue what they do to the cheddar, however it’s glorious delicate.

You’d need to make a trip the world over to eat that; I actually did.

6. Kobe Beef (Shin Kobe, Japan)

Jeremy and Shirlene from Idelish

Soften in-your-mouth, mouth-watering-goodness is the manner by which we’d depict Kobe meat! In contrast to normal hamburger, whenever arranged past medium uncommon, similar to steak, the fat would condense – that is the manner by which liquefy in-your-mouth it is. Peruse increasingly about the dish we’d make a trip right to Japan for here.

7. Eggplant Satsivi (Georgia)

Anil from Fox Nomad

It’s a basic Georgian dish of pureed pecans, eggplant, and flavors eaten chilled. A starter so basic yet fulfilling, my solitary lament isn’t having realized it existed sooner.

8. Gujarati Thali (State of Gujarat, India)

Derek from Wandering Earl

Simply envision – an enormous, round tin plate topped with off to ten uncontrollably delightful and addictively sweet veggie lover curries sitting close by servings of dhal (lentils), hot vegetables, serving of mixed greens and a destined to-be-yummy treat. What’s more, with an unfaltering progression of crisp rotis and rice conveyed to your table all through your supper, you’re allowed to eat up those dishes anyway you like (and eat up you will, similarly as I did above before I had the option to snap a picture!).

Obviously, best of all, the waitstaff stroll around the café continually scooping more curries onto your plate, declining to give you a chance to quit eating until you’ve had in any event three servings of each dish!

10. Nasi Lemak (Malaysia)

Mei and Jo from ccfoodtravel.com and Cikipedia

One of the dishes that I would traverse the world just to eat, is the Nasi Lemak. By one way or another, this mix of rice cooked in coconut milk, bean stew sambal anchovies, a large portion of a hard bubbled egg, southern style chicken, sambal squid, peanuts and cucumbers truly gives me the chills simply pondering it.

No other feast very cuts it, similar to the Nasi Lemak does.

The most ideal approach to serve Nasi Lemak is enveloped by or served on a banana leaf, as it loans a sweet-smelling scent to the rice. At the point when used to pack the steaming hot coconut milk rice, you simply need to unwind the green, conelike bundle and let your noses be struck by the most eminent fragrance on earth.

11. Bibim Guksu (South Korea)

Sook from Heart, Mind and Seoul

Bibim Guksu is a prevalent Korean noodle dish that ideal for blistering Summer days. The noodles are cold and blended with a fiery and sweet gochujang (Korean red pepper glue) sauce.

12. Panang Curry with Chicken (Thailand)


Dave from Go Backpacking

A thick, coconut cream-based Thai curry with a nut season. Red peppers include zest, anyway the warmth level will depend significantly on whose planning it (and whose eating it). Chicken can be substituted for hamburger, tofu, or vegetables, and it’s regularly presented with jasmine rice.

13. Turkish Hamsi (Turkey)

Julia and Barry from Turkey’s For Life

As the hamsi (anchovies) swarm the Black Sea towards the Bosphorus Strait each winter, Turkish anglers drop their nets. On any winter appearance in Istanbul, the principal thing we do is head for Karaköy fish advertise for the ideal road nourishment, Hamsi Ekmek. The anchovies are broiled and presented with rocket leaves and daintily cut onion in a new, dry bread.

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